Remember When…

If you made a Scrapbook everyday… except on weekends


I am free today!  My husband and my daughter went to camping.  I am OK don’t worry about me!  Since, we went to IKEA yesterday, so I will do some house and do scrapbooking, maybe cleaning my craft room!!!

These people always make me smile!  Guam girl friends.  They are so naturally free and funny, sometimes it’s so hard to find those real people anymore.  In Guam, I was selected as a board member of Japanese Group, so I had to pretend like a grown up woman because every one I deal with are some company’s president or some country’s leader.  I pressured myself too much and I couldn’t sleep well.

Even though, in the hardest time, they placed me being normal and it’s OK to act stupid, made me laugh, I didn’t need to put a guard on my shoulder.  Nice to have girl friends like them.  I need to find here in Yokosuka too, it’s been 6 months.







Thank You💛

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