Remember When… day 24

f you made a Scrapbook everyday… except on Weekends.



I decided two things to do this week.  1. Baby pages to make   2. Use old Scrapbooking Kit, so that I can encourage people to reuse those leftover Kit, too.

I just bought the book “The note that you find out the meaning of your life” by Taketoshi Ozawa who is Japanese Doctor owning Hospice.  I just start reading at cafeteria and my eyes getting water and I figure I couldn’t read without crying.

One case, a single woman 50’s taking care of her Alzheimer mother and found out that she was cancer.  She was alway saying that she had to take care of her mother and she regret that she could not to do anymore.  All her life was taking care of her mother.  But finally, she gave up and place her mother in care.  But something she couldn’t give up till last minutes, that was her wish to take a picture with her mother.   They managed to take their picture together and few days later, she passed away with peaceful smile.

One picture.  Her last will was only a picture with her mother.

Our life is so complicated and so busy and too much sometimes.  But come to bottom, what you need in your life is so simple.

My life, why I am living is for my family, and my priority is my kid.  As long as I know that I don’t go wrong and I am pretty happy.  So to me, Scrapbooking is so important tool!  Not only having fun crafting time but it gives you the time to stop and think about what you have in your life.  That gives me so powerful, positive energy!  And also, of course, I want to leave those Scrapbook albums for my daughter to remember us as how much we love her.  That is something I could leave her.

I can not stop talking about how important it is…  I hope you feel it too.

I am here for you waiting you my team!!!

Thank you💛

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